Bylu Designs Minimal, High-tech Research Center


bylu design has introduced the new materials experience center (MEC) for knitting machinery company santoni, located in shanghai, china. the new building, is a contemporary research and inspiration center for leading professionals of the textiles industry to meet clients, research ideas and work on bespoke projects. it is expected to emerge as a pivotal space for inspiration, ideation, implementation and knowledge sharing.

santoni requested a space that was flexible and easy to adapt to different uses and projects. to accomplish this goal, bylu design designed the MEC with an adjustable hanging light system and low-levelled cabinets that were easy to move around. the idea was that the client could effortlessly slot in different products, samples and demonstrations within the space, using the areas provided. the company also wanted the space to be open, luminous and high-tech. the architects used crisp white paint and a terrazzo floor which enhanced and reflected the light coming in from the windows. in addition, they added elements like metal mesh, stainless steel, led walls and touchscreens. in the areas where the interior needed to feel warm and welcoming, wooden floors and pastel colours were used. the result is a clean, sophisticated and airy space where one feels in harmony with all that is technological and futuristic.