Material Experience Center, Powered by Santoni: Interview with Eva De Laat


Eva de Laat is the Head of Material Experience Center (MEC) powered by Santoni Shanghai and co-founder of Studio Eva x Carola.

With over 20 years of experience in the innovative textile and performance field, she has worked with world-class brands to create innovative concepts, textiles, and sports apparel challenging the usual function and aesthetic of conventional designs. 

She’s known in the industry to re-think and re-engineer new processes for materials using Santoni’s circular knitting technology paired with bulk customization creating a yarn up approach. This goal is led by the vision of achieving a circular economy initiative and sustainable ecosystem from a long-term perspective.

With Eva’s pursuance of excellence mindset and going beyond the boundaries of traditional manufacturing, she’s constantly exploring more opportunities of using and creating innovative textiles for a better future.

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