Yarn Research and Development

As we have a strong connection to our worldwide range of yarn and fiber suppliers, we have the opportunity of working with variants of these. This in turn allows us to apply our expertise in the textile creation field and manufacture a high-performing product with the desired technicalities brought by different types of yarn. In addition, this facilitates creative dialogue and direction for designers and engineers.

Yarn Services

At MEC we welcome seasoned industry players as well as aspiring creatives to join the creative conversation. Feel free to connect with us should you have any inquiries regarding yarn sourcing, yarn development, or yarn research and findings.

New Material Crafting and Application Development

As we are powered and supported by Santoni Shanghai technology, our end material results stem from a combination of structured design and performance technicalities generated by the selected yarns. Think of what you’d want your product to do for end-consumers, what it would feel like, and what you want it to look like — we can help you bring that idea to life.

Connection to Finishing Experts

Finding the suitable finishing team for your product becomes key once you have fabricated the ultimate version of your product. We can connect you to the right finishing experts when you’re ready to potentially mass produce.

Design Aspects

Revolutionizing Textile Creation

The industry is abundant with similar ideas, looks, and feels when it comes to material. MEC is here to revolutionize material textiles as we’ve known them. Our team of experienced designers is available to advise you on how to choose the adequate fibers, create a smart-design, and test different combinations in order to provide comparable options.

Sustainable Practice

Eco-friendly manufacturing has been at the forefront of textile creation for many years now. How do we contribute? Our ‘Yarn to Machine Up’ product development process avoids and diminishes excess material waste. We don’t begin by physically crafting, instead we orient collaborators on how to control this and convert the small amount of extra material remains into text-tiles for example.

Consumer Needs

One of the first steps in our creative process is to pinpoint and narrow down what our partners want out of their project. Our in-house team helps co-creators brainstorm and break down what end-consumers want, need, and how they can get to their end goal whilst contributing something different and outstanding to the market.


After establishing direction and potential creative paths towards a prototype fabrication with our partners, we are able to test. Different elements and factors during the prototype development process can vary and take time to perfect. Our expert team is there to guide collaborators in finding a durable and sustainably-made product. In addition, in-house tailoring and technical engineering assistance in order to get the best outcome.